Busting A GQ Box Topper

When I dropped into the card shop last week, Astros weren’t the only thing I picked up. I had seen this in the case before, and since I didn’t feel particularly inspired about what to pick up, I wound up throwing this in my bag of goodies as well.
I knew nothing about these before purchasing it. After seeing a couple of similar boxes pop up in all the Gint-a-Cuffs madness, I figured “what the hell, there might be something cool inside.”
I only bought a couple packs of GQ last year before deciding it wasn’t really my bag. I’ve shifted on that a little bit, but the HDR stylization used on the cards still irks me as a photographer.
When I opened the little box, I saw plain old minis. Just ten green bordered minis, no special backs, no parallel borders, no hand numbers, nothing. I was pretty underwhelmed.

Well, when I got home and went to file these into my collection on Trading Card Database, I noticed in the checklist that the Price had a short print variation. Then the Longoria turned out to have a SP as well. So, having a hunch in mind, I pulled up the SP variations online. Sure enough, all of these turned out to be short prints.

I’ll keep the Harper and Gwynn for certain, and likely several more of these – probably McCovey, Smoltz, Price, and Longoria.  I’m undecided on the Hamilton, and I have no allegiance to Craig, Halladay, or Goldy.

If anyone’s interested in something, make me an offer. I’d be open to deal.

 – Bru

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  1. A Gwynn shortprint! I never know about the short prints. I got excited and checked my Gwynn binder to find out – I guess I've had the short printed mini all along! Thought it was the regular one the whole time. Now I guess I gotta track the other one down. Thanks for the info!

    Oh, and yeah, I'm not really a fan of Gypsy Queen – but I'm a sucker for Gwynn cards.

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