I Got A Job! And A Cheesy PWE!

Today was awesome! Well, the whole week has been awesome!
Let’s begin with the big news. This week I got a new job, working for MetaLab Studio here in Houston. They’re a small architecture and product design firm that does some pretty amazing work, and has built (heh) a bit of a niche in carrying out civic art projects. I’ve been hired for a new position they’ve made, with my official title being “Creative Office Manager.” That means I’ll be handling the office administration stuff, filing, etc., but I’ll also be serving as their marketing and PR guy, and general all-around good guy. I’ve spent the last seven years of my life making cappuccinos and producing freelance writing and photography coverage, so it’ll be really nice to know what weekends, paid vacation, and holidays finally are.
I actually got the news yesterday, and I had pretty much been told the job was mine earlier in the week, but today I had my first official meeting with my bosses (it’s a five – well now six person company) where we went over the first tasks that I’ll be handling. I was so excited about getting the job that I finally pulled the trigger on this, which wound up in my mailbox today as well!

I can’t wait to break it open here on the blog! Ok, that’s a lie – I already tore through it, so I really couldn’t wait. But, I do plan on working up a couple posts on it. Emotion is (I believe) generally regarded as one of the more beautiful sets out there, and I couldn’t afford but a handful of packs of it as a kid. I’ve thought about trying to put this set together for a loooooong time, and it was definitely one of the first things I thought of when I returned to collecting.

Now onto the cheesy PWE that showed up – well, last week I suppose. Man, I haven’t had time to post about anything! Several days ago I opened up the mailbox and found a fantastic little envelope from Chris, aka Nachos Grande. Inside were some of my favorite players, and some of those famous Munnatawket minis!

How many Altuves does it take to make me happy? Well, I’d settle for just one in a package, but Chris doubled my pleasure with these Ginters. I’m hesitant about starting player collections for guys that I don’t know will be with the team forever, but I’m on the cusp of just plunking all my spare Altuves into what seems to have become their rightful place.

I’d been wanting this Clemente from this year’s Heritage ever since I first saw the checklist. Thanks Chris!
Chris added a couple more 2014 A&G goodies. I’ve got a couple of the Martinez mini variations now, but tons to go. I actually pulled a Biggio the other day, but I’ve decided to go for the 2014 A&G set after all, so he’s got a happy home.
And now, some of those glorious Munnatawket minis! Of course there’s the great auto card of Chris, but he added a couple more, apologizing for not having any Astros. That’s fine by me, because these are just plain neat. I’d expect no less than to receive a Red from him, and I dig Marte.
Thanks for the great envelope Chris!
I’m super excited about my new job, as if you couldn’t tell. One of the added bonuses for me is that it should leave me with a little more blogging time. Speaking of which, get ready for a deluge of posts over the next several days. I’ve got a lot in store.
 – Bru

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  1. Congratulations on the new gig. And thanks for bringing some energy in this post. I'm a 9-5er with paid vacations and weekends, and yet here I am on this weekend working on some emergency stuff. Thanks for the boost of energy.

    I think I should reward myself by buying some baseball cards today 😉

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