Expanding My DDJ Collection

Last week I posted about my acquisition of my first printing plate, a 2007 Bowman Craig Biggio yellow plate. Well, by the time I’d made that post, I’d already received my second one. This puppy comes from Judson over at My Cardboard Habit. He’d posted about it in his Bowman Platinum spree, and I immediately sent a message over inquiring as to its availability.

As you can see, this is another yellow plate, and it features Delino Deshields Jr. DDJ got sidelined this year when he was hit in the face with a fastball in AA, but I’m hoping he comes back strong in a full season in 2015. He’s a pretty exciting and speedy player, and he’s got the potential to hang around the bigs for a while.

As for what I sent Judson in return, I tracked down a Luke Jackson auto for him. In fact, I appear to have changed his rainbow chase into a burgeoning player collection.

Then I saw this baby floating around eBay and figured I’d expand my own prospect collection. It just looked so perfect, and I dig the “jumbo” sized relic, though it seems like it ought to be the regular size. It’s shiny, and the orange really pops, and the blue sig looks pretty great even if it is on a sticker.

Woo! Big Mojo Hits! That’s how these things are classified, right? All I know is that I’m happy to add both to my collection.

Thanks again for the trade Judson!

 – Bru

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