Surprise Cards From One Man Jeff

While catching up on my blog feed around a month ago, I noticed that Jeff at One Man’s Junk (Wax) was trying to unload some 2014 Topps dupes. I sent over a list of remaining Astros that I needed, and Jeff got back to me promptly, letting me know that all he had was a scant pair of pitchers.

I’ll take ’em! I said gleefully. Any needs checked off the list are welcome, after all.
Jeff did even better, rummaging around the lost youth of my want list and digging up a nice set of early Donruss cards for my team needs. Here’s a quadrant representing the four years of cards he sent.

Leonard and Ivie were the only two from their respective years, and Thon is definitely the highlight of the few ’83s that were sent my way. He’s so young and full of promise in that photo, still over a year away from that tragic Mike Torrez fastball that would derail his career. Finally, for the gorgeous ’84 Donruss set, I chose Mike Scott. Jeff knocked out a bunch of these.

Sorry for the delayed post, but thanks so much for the cards Jeff! I’ll get something sent out to you before long, I promise.

– Bru

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