An Itch Successfully Scratched

This will be a super short post, but I feel like I need to update and say thanks to John of Johnny’s Trading Spot for tossing some ’81 Topps Scratchoffs my way. I’m especially grateful that he followed up after he realized he’d sent them to the wrong blogger, and went to the trouble of tracking it down and having it forwarded to me!

I’ve got full ’81 Scratchoffs featuring each of these three Astros, but I just can’t bring myself to separate them. John was happy to oblige my obsessive team collector ways, though, and sent these along for my Houston binder.

Thanks again John! And for the intermediary in this transaction, thank you too! I can’t recall who it was, so speak up in the comments and let me know. I’d like to send something to each of you eventually.

– Bru

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