Sky-boxin! 1995 E-Motion packs 13-18

So an unexpectedly quick move happened on my end, and I’ve become integrated enough at work that I don’t really get time to post while there. Thanks to the several of you that have sent packages my way recently, I sincerely hope to dig something up to send back your way soon. I’ve had a bevy of TTM returns as well. I’m well overdue for some posting at this point.

Ok, time to blast out another post from my E-Motion box break. Here goes!

Pack 13: Ruben Sierra, Mike Greenwell, Fred McGriff, Jeff Montgomery, Chuck Knoblauch, Randy Johnson, Alex Gonzalez – Rookies insert, Checklist

Pack thirteen includes a very nice Fred McGriff card indeed, and yet another Rookies insert. Look, it’s one of the Alex Gonzalez shortstops – that wasn’t a confusing situation at all, especially considering that both wound up playing for Toronto at some point.

Pack 14: Andy Benes, Javy Lopez, Royce Clayton, J.T. Snow, Jeffrey Hammonds, Mike Piazza, Ricky Bones, Jimmy Key

The big highlights from pack fourteen are the duo of young catchers. Piazza already looks huge here, and it’s only 1995. Meanwhile, Javy Lopez still has a bit of growing to do.

Pack 15: Shawn Green, Rod Beck, Travis Fryman, Cal Ripken, Cal Ripken – Timeless Insert #1, Deion Sanders, Phil Plantier, Albert Belle

Cal Ripken hot pack! Class is probably the best way to describe Cal, after all. Look at that great early shot of him on the right. 

Pack 16: Roger Clemens, Steve Avery, Brian McRae, Lee Smith, Frank Thomas, Barry Bonds, Charlie Hayes, Robin Ventura

Pack sixteen has four heavy hitters in it, including the Rocket and Steve Avery. Roger ought to be in the Hall, and I think with time that’ll get rectified, but for now he’s going to be stuck waiting.

Pack 17: Greg Maddux, Cal Ripken – Timeless #5, Barry Larkin, Tino Martinez, Tony Gwynn, Derek Bell, Pedro Martinez, Andres Galarraga

Pack seventeen contained another Timeless Cal Ripken insert, this one featuring a beautiful day-glo orange uniform from the early 80s. Also found within was another of the all-time great shortstops, Barry Larkin, and a hustling Mr. Padre. As we all know, scholar is one of the best words to describe Gwynn.

Counting the Ripken insert, this eight-card pack featured four Hall of Famers. That doesn’t even consider Andres Galarraga, for whom you could make an argument.

Pack 18: Albert Belle, Bill Pulsipher, Carlos Perez, Garry Sheffield, Greg Maddux, Jeff Montgomery, Chuck Knoblauch, Randy Johnson

I’m trying to keep these posts a little quick, so I held Maddux out of the last pack in favor of this one, pairing him up with another fellow famous for playing on a Native American-themed team, Albert Belle. I know he had a pretty sour reputation with the media (or most of them, it seems), but I absolutely loved watching that guy hit. He’s a name who’s definitely on my wanted list when it comes to autographs – I think I wrote to him twice as a kid without success.

Finally, we’ll close out with a nice looking card of Derek Bell, from the days before he became a cranky veteran who thought he was too good to compete for a job. The big SLAM! is a nice touch – I’m not sure if he hit one in ’94, but he certainly provided some nice pop in the Astros lineup for a few years.

Ok, that’s all for me tonight. I’m hoping to crank out several more posts before too long.

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  1. I certainly am! I've got a few more posts like this and then I'll do a recap of what I need. Thanks Tom!

    Oh, I just found your small ballparks blog, too. That's pretty sweet, if I may say so myself.

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