Cards From The Backstop

Among my long-overdue trade posts tucked away in my drafts folder, I looked back and unearthed this gem. These lovely cards traveled my way thanks to a trade with Marcus from all the way to the backstop. He’s a Padres fan who lives just up the road from me in Austin, so naturally I dropped him a stack of cards, featuring plenty of Gwynns.

Marcus dropped me a swell pack of cards – more than I’ll post here, and I’m not even certain how many there were anymore, as this trade was from back in August or so. These are the highlights, though, and they are fantastic indeed.

For starters, he sent along a coveted Jeff Bagwell, a rare early card of Jeff that I didn’t already have. This one is a ’68-style card from Baseball Card Magazine. If this was the only card that would have shown up, I would have loved this package. Here’s hoping that my posting of this Baggy ensures his election to the Hall of Fame tomorrow.

We all love shinies, and Marcus dropped a pair of young pitchers in my pack. Humber’s gone, but this emerald parallel is sticking around my collection for certain. I’m hoping that McCullers puts together another solid season in the minors. He’ll likely start out at AA Corpus Christi this year.

I’ll wrap up this brief thank-you post with a pair of parallels. Marcus added to my stack of 1992 Topps Gold Winners – I think I actually have more of the Winners than the plain Gold parallels now. Chris Carter is too cool for school here, with his big shades. Or maybe he’s just trying to hide because he got spotted in Wal-Mart blue. Here’s hoping his second half power shows up across the whole season.
Thanks again Marcus! Sorry it took me so long to put these on the blog.
 – Bru

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