Catch O’ the Bay: Vintage and Ink

This was an eBay purchase from a little over a month ago. Found a seller who had a nice looking autograph from my Astros list, along with a few other pieces of vintage for cheap. Combined shipping for the win, y’all.

First up is a nice ’65 John Bateman, who is faking looking rather concerned about a pop-up. Then we have chaw-sportin’ Barry Latman, who probably spent most of his life wishing his name was Larry Batman.

I used up my ’67 Ron Brand for an autograph request, so replacing it for around a buck with this fine copy was a no-brainer. That brings us to the autograph in the bunch, former Astros (and Padres, and Cubs) skipper Preston Gomez, who passed away in January 2009. This was one of the nicer examples  of his autograph that I’d found. So, for a few dollars plus shipping, I snatched it up.

Ok, enough procrastinating. I’m off to do my ethics homework.

– Bru

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