Catch o’ Bay: Modern Relics

More semi-recent eBay winnings to share with you. The Bagwell here happened to be sitting on the bookshelf, awaiting filing, when the house was burglarized. Alas, he’s gone. I’ve been thinking about checking the pawn shops to see if any of the cards turned up, but I haven’t had any time. I’m super bummed about this one, not because I paid around ten bucks, but rather because it had two clearly different jerseys featured, with a pair of visible pinstripes and the red in opposite corners. Oh well.

I got the number wrong in my original post, this one was #23/75.

That brings us to this super-cool Dallas Keuchel Jersey Kings card from 2015 Donruss. I saw these hitting eBay, and most are a boring solid color swatch, although some of them are red. But, I managed to catch a multi-colored one slipping through the pipes, and while I missed it, I made a saved search.

Fast forward a couple months, and I netted myself a nice two-tone yellow and marigold jersey stripe. Sweet!

Ok, back to my regularly scheduled MBA homework. I can’t wait for the summer session to end.

– Bru

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