Brad Provides Another Bagwell

Another brief moment of free time, another draft to mint on the presses. This one is short as all get out.
Brad over at the aptly-titled Brad’s Blog broke open a box of 1995 Topps a couple months ago, and I spotted something in his cadre of Cyberstats parallel cards that I could use. That, of course, was the super-swell, shades-sporting, backwards-capped Pete Harnisch goofing off in Spring Training. So I dropped Brad a note about the card, and inquired about my other ’95 Topps needs.
Lo and behold, my query netted me another Bagwell for my binder! Thanks Brad!
Brad’s envelope didn’t stop there, however. Stuffed in with all the ’95 ‘Stros was a smattering of this year’s flagship, as well as a needed Justin Maxwell from 2013 Heritage.
Thanks again for the package, Brad!
 – Bru

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