An Ephemeral Delivery

Our boys have done it: they defeated the Evil Empire tonight to advance to the ALDS, where they will play the Royals starting Thursday. Oh, was it ever magical and fun to watch.

Let’s celebrate with an overdue trade post, shall we? I haven’t had much time to write lately, as you can tell. We can chat more about that in another post, however. This one is all about a wonderful package I got from Mark Aubrey, of the wonderful Mark’s Ephemera. There are several of you out there whom are at least partially responsible for me beginning this blog in the first place, but Mark holds a prominent place on this list. You see, when I had some time to kill while visiting my brother in Nashville a couple years ago, it was Mark’s blog which led me to Cards-R-Fun, where I could spend an entire week digging and still be left with boxes to search.

Your procrastination is most certainly forgiven, Mark – please forgive mine. This wonderful envelope showed up full of some Astros cards, but that’s not all. Notice it’s complete lack of stamp and addresses – that’s because this envelope came inside a box. Why’s that, you ask?

Because this was in the box as well! I have a few SLU’s, but only a few still in their packaging. This Shane Reynolds from the 2000 edition is certainly the first one I’ve ever received in trade. Thanks Mark!

Ok, let’s get to some cards, shall we?

Here’s a delicious piece of vintage, an off-center, dog-eared 1971 George Culver. Look at those sideburns! They’re so bushy. I bet he conditioned them.

Mark found me the rest of my 1988 Topps ‘Stros, and a sweet Casey Candaele rookie to boot!

Finally, Mark also managed to do a number on my ’91 Fleer needs.
Alright, a few more posts to knock out and then I’ll be caught up to September. A month behind isn’t so bad, right?
– Bru

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