A Real Quick Trade Post

Most of my writing time lately has been devoted to school papers and TTM letters, so I haven’t been posting. Sorry about that. This one’s going to be very brief.

I banged out a quick trade over at TCDB recently, and just wanted to send a shout of thanks to Sean, aka Broadway, for the Astros that just showed up at my door. I’d sent over some Panini Cooperstown cards he requested.

Sean helped me out with some cards from this year’s recent releases, sending over some Gypsy Queen and Heritage cards. This gets me some Ken Giles cards in a Houston uniform, so now it’s time to try to track down another signature from the flamethrower. After a rough start, it looks like “100 Miles” Giles is back on track. Carlos Gomez, however, has become a black hole at the plate. Where has your swing gone, Go-Go?

I absolutely love that team celebration card – getting one of those signed by all four players on it would really be something special. I suppose that will be my new mini-quest. If anyone has a spare copy, I’ll take it. Also, is it just me or do the facsimile signatures on this year’s Heritage look especially thin? It seems odd.
I know I haven’t been posting much, and that a lot of you offered to take cards off my hands. I’m still planning to do this. My fourth semester of grad school just wrapped up, and I’m carrying a nice hefty 3.818 GPA! I’m taking a mini-mester course, so I haven’t had a break yet. I’ve got a week here full of essay writing – a four page research paper, five two-page article reviews, and twenty 500 word discussion posts on an equal number of articles. Once that’s all done, I’ll have some more time to write and put packages together.
Also, because I have the same rabid love of cardboard that we all share, I have bought plenty of 2016 cards, and I would love to trade you some for some Astros. If you’ve got needs from flagship, Opening Day, Donruss, Gypsy Queen, or Heritage, hit me up and I’ll see what I can find for you.
Wow! This went longer than expected. I guess that’s what ten minutes uninterrupted at the office can do for you. Speaking of, time to get back to work.
Until later,
 – Marc

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