Overdue Treat: A Quick Package from Gavin

Let’s do a little more catch-up, shall we? Here’s a quick post to acknowledge some cards that came in from Gavin last year.

This treat came in just in time for Halloween. Yeah, I might have been a little busy. There were certainly some more cards, and many filled holes in the collection, I remember that much. But these were two of the highlights from the package for me – a great Bowman rookie insert of Richard Hidalgo, and an autographed Aaron McNeal for the Astros signatures and relics collection. The Hidalgo card is actually ridged across it and pretty shiny.

McNeal never made it to the big leagues, with a 10-year minor league career that saw him reach Triple A. His time in the Astros system saw him hit AA before being traded to San Diego during Spring Training in 2002 for Cristian Berroa, a shortstop prospect who also never saw time in the majors. Currently, McNeal runs a training academy with former big-leaguer Dan Meyer.

Thanks Gavin! Sorry I never got around to posting sooner.

 – Marc

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