He’s Out.

This past weekend, I got an email from a fellow collector here in the Houston area whom I’d traded with before. His name is Trevor, and he’d decided he wanted out. He wanted to know if I, being a fellow Astros collector, would be interested in his cards – nothing in return, just take the cards and give them a good home.

I honestly weighed the decision longer than you’d expect – I’m trying to unload cardboard, not pile it up. But the prospect of filling out some holes in the Astros collection won out, and we met up on Tuesday. This picture here is the resulting lot that I received – three long boxes, a triple box, a few other assorted boxes, and about five binders – and a 91 Donruss factory set.

A quick flip through revealed that most of the binders are Astros, the big box and another long box are all Astros or dupes. That’ll go nicely towards filling out my needs and giving me some TTM fodder. The rest I’m hoping to comb through, pull a few small stacks to keep, and then pass on to the rest of you fellow collectors.

This’ll have to wait until I’ve successfully completed my job search, though – I’ve promised the wife no more cards until that’s done.

Oh – and if anyone out there is looking for a load of Astros base cards, I’ll have more than plenty now. Hit me up.

Trevor, thanks for the cards and rest assured that they’ll all wind up in good hands.

 – Marc

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  1. He was feeling overwhelmed with it and wanted to focus on his main hobby, fly fishing. I think he just wasn't getting the same joy out of it anymore.

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