Trader’s Backlog: Stealing Home

Whoa, man! We are almost done with March – just one more post after this. I feel bad about this one – it was a quick and lovely package that Oscar of Stealing Home/ATBATT sent over 10 months ago, and I never got up a post. Then, he has the kindness to go PWE crazy at Christmas and include me in the mailings. I’m not worthy!

This all started because I noticed the sweet A.J. Hinch Team USA rookie from 1993 Topps over at ATBATT, and Oscar quickly told me that I should prepare the guest room, because this guy was about to drop in for a while. Hinch would have been a scant 19 years old when this card came out, still several years away from the majors and two decades away from taking over the reins of the Astros, where he would manage the club to the 2017 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, Y’ALLLLLLLLL. (Never going to stop, not sorry, we finally won a damn WS!!!)

Oscar’s great at peppering in little PC guys when he sends cards. I’m no Jim Abbott supercollector, but I love adding cards of him from his playing days. That’s a lovely Canseco as well. I actually started paring down the long list of guys I actively collect, but Jose on the basepaths here is definitely a keeper.

He even found some Canadian goodness in this Kevin Bass 1987 OPC, and a fairly new Correa insert that I needed. Based on the ’86 roster and a quick glance at the lineups over at Baseball Reference, I’m thinking that’s Denny “Good Wood” Walling waiting on deck in the background.

How’s about a big parade of high fives to Oscar for being awesome? High fives all around, y’all.

Thanks again!
 – Marc

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