Trader’s Backlog: Vintage From Phil

It’s finally the end of March 2017, y’all. I’m already getting tired of all these belated trade posts, so I’m doubling down on my vow to be a better and more punctual blogger in 2018.
Luckily for me, Larry Dierker’s got faith in my abilities. “Go get ’em, kid. You’ve got this,” his 1972 Topps echoes to me through the ether.
Yeesh. I better make this my last draft of the night. I’m starting to go cardboard cuckoo.

Anyway, let’s get down to business: this was another TCDB swap, with Phil (p_dawg68). I sent over some Indians, Cavaliers, and Raiders (an odd combo, I know), and in exchange he sent me some lovely vintage ‘Stros. Looking back at our trade discussion, I need to put another swap together between us – I’ve still got plenty of cards he could use. This Dierker was a great add to my ’72 team set, which is now just missing a few high numbers.

The best part of the trade, though, was the seven gray-bordered beauties from 1970 Topps that Phil had for me. Young Jesus Alou’s card is a real winner, and we’ve got an early Red Rooster appearance.

There were even a couple pesky high-numbers in there! It felt great to check off Miller (619) and Billingham (701) from my list. The background on Miller’s card is pretty interesting – I wonder where that one was shot. Billingham had been freshly acquired by Houston, hence the capless bedhead breeze shot.

Finally, there were a pair of cards for my PCs in the package as well – a young Bill Lee from the ’72 set was a great add to my Spaceman collection. I’m a little surprised I hadn’t tracked down this Mazeroski from the ’97-’98 Million Dollar Moments cards prior to this, but I’m happy to have it filed safely away with all my other Mazeroskis now.

Thanks again for the trade Phil! Let’s do it again soon.

 – Marc

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