Trader’s Backlog: Gettin’ Paninis from the Perogie Stand

Whew! After that doozy I posted a couple days ago, it’s time for a quick post. This one was a TCDB trade that I received back at the end of January from Shawn, aka SteelPerogie. I sent over a pair of 2015 Update needs, a Springer from 2014 Stadium Club, and a Biggio rookie, and in return I netted a handful of Panini needs.

First up – nothing too crazy here. Just a standard 2017 Donruss card of Carlos Correa. Needs are needs, though, and this one filled a hole in my want list, so it was much appreciated.

Jumping back to the 2016 Donruss checklist, I picked up a pair of the ’82 throwbacks. The giant ’16 square really eats up valuable space here and makes these cards a bit awkward. It’s kind of like the old ’84 Topps-based customs I made, where I put the team logo in the upper left. Looking back, those were fun to do but are definitely not my best work. I was really happy to put these to rest.

Finally (I told you it was a quick post!) we’ll wrap up with a pair of shiny Panini cards. The first is a Purple Holo parallel of Evan Gattis from 2016 Optic. These are pretty great looking cards in hand. Hmm, what’s that I spy on the right? Is that one of those fancy Silver Pack cards from the recent Topps releases? No? Well it sure looks a hell of a lot like the same pattern, right? This Red, White & Blue Mojo Prizm from 2015 Prizm was a nice addition to the ol’ binders.

Thanks again for the trade Shawn!

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