Five Minutes or Less

Daniel over at It’s Like Having My Own Card Shop started up a five-minute post program a couple weeks ago. It looks like it’s been making the rounds, too.
Well heck, I need to jumpstart the ol’ blog, and I have a lovely little package sitting here courtesy of Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown. Maybe I commented on something, I don’t even remember at this point, but a delightful PWE floated my way three weeks ago and here’s what was in it.

First: some hot rookies from some products I didn’t see any of last year: Bowman Platinum and Triple Threads. Or Tribute. I don’t remember off the top of my head. Frankie Tuesday had arm trouble this year, and A.J. had a bad dose of couldn’t hit a damn thing in the majors, aka Brett Wallace syndrome. Here’s hoping that clears up.

Parallels! Specifically, a Gold Miggy T from 2008 Topps and this super dope Orange parallel from 2017 Optic of David Paulino. He had arm trouble as well, but he’s really fun to watch. Here’s hoping he makes it back next year.

Oof, I’m pushing the timer already! Fortunately, there’s only one more card to go.

That would be this super-sweet Travis Blackley autograph from 2013 Pinnacle. Yes, I said “super-sweet” in reference to a Travis Blackley logoless sticker auto card. But that’s because I (1) didn’t have it yet and (2) didn’t have a Blackley auto for the Astro-graphs collection!

Thanks again Gavin, and thanks for the inspiration Daniel! Looks like I made it to six minutes, though. Drat.

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