Five Minutes, Redux

Welp, I failed in my five minute post attempt yesterday, so let’s take another crack at it! This one was only a two-card trade, so it should be nice and easy. I got an offer out of the blue over at TCDB from fellow member Jared B. (Gapporin is his handle) of a nice 1-for-1 swap. As is customary for me, I checked our respective Want List / Trade List matches and found a few more Cardinals to send his way, as well as this intriguing card:
I’d seen last year’s Honus Bonus cards floating around the blogs, and even picked up a couple myself through some trades – but I had no idea what this Silver Foil parallel was all about. So I blindly tossed it in the trade and wondered what I’d get. Was it the nameplate? The side design? Keuchel himself? Nope, just the HBP baseball logo in the top right corner. I was suprised when I looked at the breadth of the team set – there are bench guys and middle relievers in there!
This was the card that Jared had offered up to me – again, there was no existing scan in the database, so I figured it was a fairly standard Panini sticker auto card. Uh, this is much nicer than I’d imagined: a refractor-ish (holo prizm, since we’re talking Panini) shiny card with a good photo and a lovely legible and well-placed sticker. I’m all for this!

And here’s the back if you’re wondering what it’s all about. Same photo (what did you expect?), but at least it’s got a nice writeup instead of standard “card company authenticity boilerplate.”

Thanks for the swap Jared! I really appreciate it!

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