Brubaker’s Dozen Finds of Ebay #10: A Date With Nolan

Welcome back to the Brubaker’s Dozen. If you read my post earlier in the week about my incredibly epic find (please go read it, there are some really neat cards in there), you’ll know that the whole thing began when I found a nice lot of unused Astros season tickets from the 1999 campaign.
If you missed it, just know that it was the final year of the team playing in the Astrodome, and the season tickets that year featured a lovely pictorial walk through club history. I saved a few stubs from games I went to (how I wound up with season ticket versions I’m not quite certain), and have always thought these looked neat. It’s a slow burn, long-term goal of mine to put together the entire set. I know that’s a project that will likely take a very long time, but hey it’s good to have lofty aspirations, right?
Anyhow, a little over a month ago this popped up in my saved search. One such lovely ticket for the Saturday, July 17th home game against the Detroit Tigers, featuring Nolan Ryan in a glorious tequila sunrise uniform.

Wait, hold on a minute. There’s no seat designation!

That’s because I stumbled into an auction for a Proof! Check out the bottom of the ticket there.

On top of trying to put the set together, this was just too cool of a find to pass up. A season ticket proof, with Nolan on it? Oh heck yes. I wonder how the seller came by this item in the first place?

The best part, though, was the price. While there are a smattering of individual tickets listed for some pretty, uh, generous prices (one seller has around 20 listed at $15.99 a pop), this baby skated by unnoticed and I landed it for just three dollars.

Come back tomorrow to see what’s next on the list!

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