Trader’s Backlog: A Plate from Paulie

Good grief, I’m still 8 months behind on my trade posts. Let’s see if I can’t at least get caught up to September before the month finishes. Hey, I made a lot of trades this year! Gimme a break. I’m just a few trades away from having sent out over 5000 cards since January 1st. I know that’s only like a weekend for JBF.

This was another excellent TCDB trade, this time with a new trading partner named Paul (paulie3jobs is his handle). I sent over a little stack of 2018 flagship and some new Yankees for his collection, which netted me a dozen new Astros, including this fine 2004 Bazooka of then-outfielder Craig Biggio. This one is a pretty fun set, although I’m not sold on everything that’s happening down in the nameplate.

Oh, and that wasn’t it for the Bazooka cards, as Paul sent me half a dozen MINIS! These are so much fun. They look great in the binder.

I also picked up a nice pair of 1999 Flair Showcase parallels. These are Row 3 (Power) parallel cards of Caminiti and Alou, and they look superb. It’s always nice to land some new 90’s parallels.

This Alou is from 1998 Fleer Tradition, from their Vintage ’63 inserts – the first year they did the throwback designs, and they are executed very nicely. They’d revisit this in 2003 as the base design for the set. That Hidalgo on the right is a fantastic food issue from the 2011 Upper Deck Twizzlers set.
I also picked up a pair of nice new Bagwell cards in this trade, both from Donruss sets. Don’t let your eyes deceive you, that card on the left is from 2001, although it’s a “Retro 2000” design supposedly aping what they would have put out in their missing year – an intriguing card that never was with a border keyline that almost harkens back to ’88 Score. The Diamond King is an insert from 2002, and it’s done pretty nicely in my opinion.

The Big Kahuna in this trade, though, was a printing plate! Specifically, it’s the yellow printing plate of Carlos Lee from 2009 Topps Chrome. There’s not much to speak of, image-wise, but this is still a cool piece to have, nonetheless.

Thanks again for the trade, Paul! I’ll take another look and see if our want lists and trade lists match up further.

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