More Shiny Stuff from Hangers and Boxes

Let’s play catch-up on the blog again! I finished a case report for my Strategic Analysis class today, which was one of the big chunks of my grade in that class. I believe that’s cause for celebration. How’s about I roll out a big ol’ post of shiny stuff?
Just like the last post, I bought these up at Target in February, feverishly unable to control my cardboard urges whilst awaiting 2015 cards. Given the haul that I brought in, I’m pretty happy with it.
Today’s first featured item is a Dexter Fowler from 2014 Topps Chrome. I think this was in the first pack I opened, so it was a good sign.
We’ll come back to the Topps Chrome, but first, some Bowman.
These came out of a Bowman three-pack hanger. Robertson was my surprise refractor, and the Urias is a mini. I believe I may have sent it to GCRL, but I’ve lost track at this point. 

If you’ll recall, I love me some 2014 Bowman Platinum. My hanger pack yielded me some nice results, including a golden Gomez and this super-rad Buxton die-cut. Sorry Brian, I’ll be holding on to this one for now.

Pulled this Matt Carpenter 1989 Bowman Is Back from the Bowman Platinum pack. Yeah, weird, right? I didn’t think they were seeded in those, but I guess I was wrong. Anyhow, I think I sent this on to Kerry at Cards on Cards.

We’re back at Topps Chrome. There were far too many nice cards to scan in these packs, and of course the scanner doesn’t do them justice. I love the X-Fractors, even if it is one of a damn Yankee. The hits included a 1989 refractor of Prince Fielder, and just kept rolling forward.

That’s right, I pulled not one, but two of these die-cuts – and one is a Harper! I’m holding the Pujols for the moment, in case I get some wild urge to put this set together, but he can certainly be pried out of my hands.

Finally, we’ll close out with some plain ol’ paper cards of two of the Astros top prospects. Moran was the highly touted acquisition we landed in the Jarred Cosart trade, although Jake Marisnick has certainly become the breakout star of that deal. The Astros liked Colin enough to trade away Rio Ruiz, who they originally thought was their third baseman of the future, so here’s hoping he’s up to the challenge. I’m pretty happy with Valbuena at the hot corner for now, though.
A.J. Reed was the Astros second pick in last year’s draft – you know, the one not named Brady Aiken. Reed put up some impressive college numbers at Kentucky, and was named the winner of the Golden Spikes award for the best player in college baseball. His triple-slash was .336/.476/.735, and he led the nation with 23 homers. Oh, and he also went 12-2 with a 2.09 ERA and 71 strikeouts in 16 starts. Not too shabby. It’s safe to say that I’m excited about him as well.
The semester is reaching its head, which means as projects get finished I’ll have more posts coming down the pipe. I’ll probably try to knock a few out in the middle just to clear my head a bit as well.
– Bru

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  1. Valbuena is a good player that is constantly underrated. Sometimes people get lost in name recognition. Last year he was on the level of guys like Pablo Sandoval.

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