Bo-Bombed, Part One

Perhaps you’ll recall that pre-burglary I received a jam-packed flat-rate mailer from none other than Bo Rosny. I unfortunately lost a fair stack of these thanks to said burglary, but it’s only fair that I showcase some of my favorites that were sent over. I’ve still got all the cards in this post, thankfully.
First, the oldest stuff in the pack. There were a handful of ’81 Fleer Star Stickers, including this Cesar Cedeno. He’s busy examining that 1980 Strikeout Leaders card and thinking to himself, “Damn, our starting pitching is going to kill this year now that we’ve added Nolan!”
Minor league goodness! Mike Simms had a soft spot in my heart. Perhaps it was because even though he had no right to be, he was an absolute masher in All-Star Baseball ’99 on my N64. Glenn Davis did some mashing in his time, and I have always loved the K-Man/Master Blaster/Rifleman subsets from ’91 Score.
These two are for all my fellow bloggers who love cards of pitchers at the plate. One bunting, one swingin’ away!

Uh, Classic? Yeah, that definitely ain’t Shane Reynolds. Nevermind the fact that his glove says O. Miller really big on it. Ironically, Miller’s card later in the set does not feature a photo of Reynolds. Props on that Chris Durkin, though, you found a real action shot! If you’re familiar with 1991 Classic Best, you’ll know that those are few and very far between.

I’m a golden winner! Well, this Rob Mallicoat is, at any rate. It’s always nice to check off another one of those. I’m a winner too, because Bo’s bomb held a lot of Casey Candaele’s for my collection.
Thanks Bo! Stay tuned for parts two and three, featuring some more great ‘Stros.
 – Bru

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