Hey, Remember Heritage?

Since I’m terrible about just knocking out posts when I have a few minutes, or even just adding a little bit to them in the drafts when I can, I never posted about the 2015 Heritage break that Nachos Grande hosted, or all the cool stuff I got from it.
So let’s show off some Heritage! Why not?

I love that they went with the old-school All-Star Rookie trophy for the Springer card. Nice cards of the newer arms on the staff, even if Neshek’s looks a bit goofy.

Oh yeah, some Astros were among the league leaders last season! I don’t think they did a Stolen Base Leaders card, I’d like to see more stuff like that.

Here today, gone tomorrow. Goodbye, prospects. Hello Oso Blanco (Evan Gattis) and PandaCrusher (Hank Conger). Still missing you Folty.
Oh, now this is a second base duo I can fully support. I need another one of these for my Stargell collection, by the way.
Oh, my blessed short prints! I wound up with a second Altuve “base” SP, which I’m hoping I can get signed some day.
MOAR SHORT PRANCE. Purple refractor version, and a very nice Action SP.
While all of that was pretty cool, this was the best Astro hit in the box. If I recall correctly, I had been watching an actual signed ’67 of Jim on eBay at the time. It was pretty cool to see this one get pulled, and check another name off my Astro-graphs list.

My other team in the break was the Marlins, which I was particularly excited about, primarily because of this guy. He’s one of the current player collections I’ve started that I’m going to continue with, because the dude is awesome and he just CRUSHES the ball. You already know that, though. Got me an SP, a refractor version, and a color swap version.

More Giancarlos! Action SP and a New Age Performers insert. This break was very nice for the player collection.

More Marlins SPs. I have so many Marlins available for trade, y’all. Let me know.

I like Yelich quite a bit. His offensive production seems to have fallen off a bit this year, but I’m still pretty hopeful. The Clubhouse Collection relics are particularly nice looking this year, and I’m going to hold onto this for now. The purple refractor is pretty cool, too.

Finally, the icing on the cake for this break was the 2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection box that Chris decided to bust along with the case of Heritage. I was hoping I might get a Miggy from the Marlins side, but this pinstriped Josh Beckett was pretty nice. It was a black parallel, #’d 12/25, so that was sent over to Gavin in a trade. The Nolan didn’t scan very well, but it looks excellent! Nolan relics aren’t exactly the easiest thing to add to the collection, so this was a superb pull.
Thanks again Chris! Sorry it took me six months to post, heh.
 – Bru

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  1. Really enjoyed this year's Heritage, probably my favorite version of it since I got back in to collecting. Hoping next years version is just as good as this years

  2. I love the huge Rookie Cup on that Springer. Topps really needs to go back to those.

    Also, can you email me your address? I have a few 'Stros I'd like to send you. You can reach me at nickpecucci AT sbcglobal DOT net if you'd like. Thanks!

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