New Year, More TTM Returns!

Boom! It’s another post here at RTA. That makes two in less than two weeks. I’m cool with that schedule.
By the way, I’m still trying to unload a boatload of cards – perhaps a skiff or dingy’s worth. I’ve got about 70 trades I’m trying to cook up over at TCDB, so head on over to my profile and see if there’s something on my trade list you’re interested in, and help a guy out.
In baby preparation news: it’s a girl! So in anticipation of that, the nursery is set to begin taking shape. Hence, the card clear-out. I may not be able to grab them quickly, but I am very open to dealing them.
Ok, time to talk about some returns! I’ve had a few nice ones come in lately.
1. Jose Cruz Jr.: 3/3, 35 days.
You’ve probably already figured this one out, thanks to the card at the top of the post. I’d been meaning to write Jose Jr. for a while now – he works for MLBPA and responds to requests there. However, Jose Jr.’s time with Houston was short, a brief stop at the end of his career that we all hoped would work out better than it did. As a result, he never had an Astros card. I finally have a nice custom format that I love now, thanks to these that I’ve been based on the old 1954 Wilson Franks design, and after some photoshop work, this was ready to send out. I’m pumped to have some nice cards signed by him, given his otherwise great career, his dad’s legacy with the team, and his performance here in college for Rice.

2. Jack Hiatt: 2/1, 10 days.
Hiatt was a catcher with Houston from 71-72, and valued for his defense. Another Astro off the list!

3. LaMarr Hoyt: 3/3, 19 days.
LaMarr won the 1984 AL CY Young Award after turning in a 24-10 season with a 3.66 ERA and only 31 walks in 260 2/3 innings. 
4. Ed Kranepool: 3/3, 20 days.
Ed’s often remembered for his contributions to the Miracle Mets that won the 1969 World Series. He turned in an All-Star season in 1965, and was Mr. Met before there was ever one. He was on the original ’62 team, and stayed with the franchise until he retired in 1979.

5. Dusty Baker: 5/3, 325 days.

I sent these to Dusty at Spring Training back in February. I’d all but written these off, but was very excited to see them hit my mailbox recently. I got a ticket signed by dusty at an Astros game some 15 years ago, and many people now know Dusty for his managing career (and his tendency to overwork pitchers). But Dusty had a fine 19 year big-league career, hitting .278 with 242 homers, over 1000 RBIs. His hardware includes the 1977 NLCS MVP, two All-Star selections, a World Series championship with the 1981 Dodgers, two Silver Sluggers, and three NL Manager of the Year awards. He also signed the two index cards I include with every request (for card protection), which is a nice bonus.

6. Dave Nicholson: 4/3, 12 days.
Dave’s always been on my short list as someone to write, as he’s a habitually quick responder. He spent parts of two seasons with the Astros, and while he didn’t hit many homers, he hit big ones. He’s known for a 573-foot monster that cleared Old Comiskey’s left field. The ball either cleared or bounced off the roof of the next building, as it was found in the street. Dave signed both of the customs I made, even though I offered one for him to keep.
7. Bobby Richardson: 2/2, 17 days.

Richardson, a lifetime Yankee, was instrumental to the team’s success in the 50’s and 60’s. His performance in the 1960 World Series earned him the series MVP award, despite the Pirates thrilling game seven victory thanks to Mazeroski’s homer. He’s still got a beautiful signature, and responds quickly to autograph requests, always including a religious tract about Mickey Mantle.

Alright, more to come later – including some quick trade posts! I’ve got some cards scanned and just need to find some time to type.

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  1. Thanks Gavin! I finally made a back design for them as well – Nicholson was the first "complete" one I sent out. Maybe I'll work up a post on it later.

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