Unscribbled Cardboard From Scribbled Ink

Now that I’ve gotten caught up through March of 2017, I wanted to take  a few posts and acknowledge some trades that came in towards the end of the year. This was a lovely little package from Paul of the aptly named Scribbled Ink blog. It was our first swap, and Paul brought the goods!

This endeavor was sparked by a comment I left on one of Paul’s posts showcasing some Topps Fire cards. I can’t recall if I asked for both of these, but I definitely know I inquired about one of them. These are sweet Gold Minted parallels of the base and Nickname inserts, and yes – they are quite shiny.

Speaking of shiny, check out these sweet, sweet Craig Biggio parallels from 1994! Gotta love the Pinnacle Museum Collection with the Dufex® technology – only Craig could evade a tag while simultaneously escaping from a supernova. I love when I can track down another Electric Diamond from Upper Deck, I have about half of the ’94 Electric Diamond cards now. Biggio looks ready to put in some work.

Paul also sent some Bagwells over for my collection, including these early aughts offerings from Fleer. The Double Header on the left is a mini of sorts – that whole set was smaller, if I recall correctly.

Here’s another pair from 2000. Dig the Studio-esque shot on the Master’s of the Game insert from 2000 Gallery.

There was also this great young Bagwell from 1992 Classic. I really like these.

Paul must have noticed my player collections, because he also included this super cool jersey relic of Pudge. This was a most unexpected surprise. Thanks Paul!

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