Trader’s Backlog: Summer of ’74

Oof. Call me a bad blogger. I really need to finish my trade posts from 2017. This one is from back in May – at least I’ve May-de it that far, right?

Ok, I’ll see myself out.

Anyways, here’s a small set of cards I scanned that Matt of Summer of ’74 sent over. Matt hit our blogging scene with a bang last year, and I really enjoy his blog.

First up to showcase is a pair of parallels. What’s that you say? That’s just a plain old ’88 Fleer of Denny “Good Wood” Walling? Au contraire, mon ami – it’s a Glossy! I’m a fan of the ’92 Leaf Black Gold parallels too, I thought they made for a very nice take on the set.

Rookies! This trio took care of almost all of my needs from the 1991 Upper Deck Final Edition set. Love that shot of Bowen with the sunflower seeds, and I’m pretty sure thats a Spring Training game.
Finally, we’ll wrap up this post with the card that initially spurred this swap – an autographed Keith Ginter card that Matt had offered up on the blog. I reached out and expressed my interest, and a new trade was born. The prior entry in Keith’s slot for my Astro-graphs collection was a minor league card, so this is a welcome upgrade.

Thanks again for the trade Matt! Let’s do it again soon – I promise to be a more prompt poster.

 – Marc

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