More Adventures in Homeownership (and GQ)

As I was leaving for work today, I put my key in the front door lock as usual. Only today, it wouldn’t work. I’d had a little trouble when I came home yesterday, but figured it was just a stuck lock or my key was being a bit temperamental. I had to take apart the lock (because I didn’t have one of those re-key tools) and diagnose it myself – one of the lock pins was falling out of place. So today I had to put a new deadbolt on the door, and I went ahead and re-keyed that to match our back door lock (which didn’t already match because the guys that did our house were cheapskates).

Yay, homeownership!

I also bought more Gypsy Queen the other day. I’m a true sucker, after all – I decried the nonsense error parallels that Topps has thrown in, but I went right back and picked up more. I’m done with it now, however. Let’s see the highlights.

I pulled a couple of the big name Astros – Bregman, Correa, and Keuchel (not pictured) – a nice start to the team set.

Also found were two of the newer Astros aces in their old duds. I was hoping for Cole in an Astros uni, but apparently the checklist was set prior to the trade, so I’ll just have to settle for that amazing pillbox hat/yellow jersey throwback. The Verlander really threw me for a loop, though – that was a (waiver) deadline deal last year, and I was pretty darn miffed when this Tigers card fell out of the pack. A quick glance at the print code and I realized it was a short print, but that just made me even more upset. “Why couldn’t they just find another Astros shot?” I thought to myself. Then I realized this is a Jackie Robinson Day SP, and, well duh – Verlander wasn’t with the Astros then. Still a bit odd.

I pulled a few more of the Fortune Teller minis – enough to make me contemplate chasing the set through trades. I also wound up with a green parallel of the Mancini, numbered 89/99, so I think I’ll hang onto that too.

I’ve got to admit – I was really impressed with these Tarot of the Diamond inserts – when I saw the sample images online, I was so ready to blow them off. But they’re actually rather nice, and I’m at the point where I’ll try to put this insert set together as well. It certainly helps that there’s only 20 and not 100 or so.
Finally, it’s time to make all the Brewers collectors out there jealous with the big hit from the last of my GQ purchases: a Lewis Brinson auto. My only qualm with this card is the photo choice – there’s obviously more going on here, so why not leave that for another set with a wider crop, and pick another great shot of Brinson? Ah, well. I like the kid, and I’ve got hopes that he’ll put it together this season. This one gets filed away in the collection as well. Sorry Tony and Matt!

Now I’m off to get a little late-night work done, and perhaps start tackling my custom design for the year.

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  1. I like Brinson's signature. Nice pull. And, you're right… I think a wider crop would have been a better choice.
    Locks… When we moved into our current house all three of the exterior doors were keyed differently. SMH.

  2. "Yay, homeownership!" I hear you there..haven't had that exact problem (yet) but similar issues for sure. Our doorknob is ancient and we've had to re-bolt it at least twice.

    Brinson has a fantastic signature, even if the photo could be better it's still a great pull. And the more I see those Tarot cards pop up on blogs, the more I want them.

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