A Mini Mailday From June

Yoo-hoo! It’s a trade post that’s only two months old! No, I’m not caught up by any means, but this one’s short and sweet. It’s another TCDB trade with my trading buddy Brian, who goes by Bizzork over there.

We start off with this delightfully sunny and logo-less Tom Seaver card from the 1993 Yoo-Hoo set. That brings me up to 2 of the 20 cards on this checklist. Though, the other one is a Willie Stargell that’s currently in my Pops PC, so I’ll need another. Essentially, I’m 5% done with this set. I’m wondering if I should start a food-issue binder. At the very least, I’ll have a box out of the food issue sets I’m mildly chasing.

There were Astros in the package, of course. You’ve gotta love the original DK (Darryl Kile) and the ‘Stros were doing plenty of mound celebrations in 1997. Given that this is 1998 Donruss (a set that some people deride, but the Astros colors work perfect with it), that’s probably Ramon Garcia on the far right, and possibly Todd Jones giving the background high-five. The Spring Fever card of Carlos Peña continues our sunny theme.

What’s this? 2013 Topps? I’ve been done with that team set for a long time. Something seems odd with these scans here, though. Perhaps that’s because they aren’t 2013 Topps at all, but the Topps Mini set! It was nice to put two more of these to bed.

I used this trade as another opportunity to load Brian up with some more cards for his set builds, along with some new (at the time) GQ cards. My combined generosity certainly paid off, because Brian was willing to let me pick up a few 1972s for my long set build. Here’s a couple of nice looking household names. I love the McCarver spring training shot, with its busy background.
The last 1972 in the trade really packs a punch! Reggie is easily the most recognizable name here, but the others aren’t bad either. Cash was a heck of a hitter, and how about Beltin’ Bill Melton leading off the card! Melton hit 33 homers to lead the AL in ’71 and garnered his only All-Star selection that season.

We’ll come full circle with this pair of Brooksies to end the post. The card on the left is from the 1987 Leaf Special Olympics set, which seems ripe for an entry on Tony’s Collecting the 1980s blog. The set featured a dozen HOFers and six cards featuring Special Olympics sports. According to Baseballcardpedia, sales of the set benefitted the Special Olympics, and Leaf was an official sponsor of the ’87 Games, which were held at Notre Dame’s campus. If it looks familiar, it’s because the design was ripped from the 1983 Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes set. The 1992 Ziploc is another fantastic food issue card, and marks the second one from this set I’ve picked up in a trade this year. For now it’s in the Brooks PC, but I imagine I’ll slowly try to add the other 9 cards from the set.

Thanks again for the trade Brian!

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