Trader’s Backlog: A Short Stack

Back in May I sent an envelope to the Stackhouse Law Office, full of – well, you oughta know, but in case you’re living under a rock – Tim Wallach cards! A couple weeks later, and a lovely little stiff envelope showed up in my mailbox with a few Astros goodies in it. Honestly, I should have posted these a while back, but I’d vowed to get through all my belated 2017 posts first.
First, we have a pair of Topps foil stamped remakes of two iconic 80’s sets. Sure, it gets old that they keep going back to the well – especially given how many times they’ve used 1987 in the past 5 years, but these are absolutely welcome in my collection! In fact, that Bagwell was the first card of his from 2018 that I added to the binder. My only gripe with it is that they didn’t use the same glorious thicker stock that was used on the ’87s last year.
From there, it only got better. This beautiful slab of die-cut glory comes from the 2001 Topps HD set, the second and final year of a set that must not have done well. It is hella thick – probably close to what Tier One and Tribute are printed on now. I hadn’t even realized it until writing this post, but this is obviously supposed to be cut in the shape of glasses. 20-20 vision, right?
Here’s the back of that puppy. As if I needed any more clue, it’s set up like 3-D glasses. Very cool. Apparently there are versions of these on aluminum as well.
But the real highlight of the package was the fourth and final card.

I mean, just look at that outstanding insane die-cut (laser-cut?) piece of cardboard wonder. It’s numbered 138/500, and yes – there are horizontal cuts in that box where Jeff’s torso and thighs are located. Today’s Beam Team inserts might as well take their ball and go home.

Thanks so much for the cards – and especially the Bagwells, Stackhouse! For the rest of you, send him your Wallach cards already!

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