Ask And Ye Shall Recieve

Yesterday was card show day, and I picked up some fun stuff. I’ll get to my spoils a bit later in the week. For now, I want to highlight a quick trade that showed up on Thursday from our pal Chris at Nachos Grande.

Chris was trying to clear some space in December and threw up several trade bait posts with plenty of fun stuff. In the midst of the fray, I found a few cards that sparked joy in my collecting heart, so I staked my claim in the comments and sent a Reds PWE his way.

Then I promptly forgot about laying claim to any of the cards as I focused on getting my Starchives customs finished and printed, as well as prepping for the aforementioned card show. So, when a PWE showed up from Chris last week, it took my by surprise!

It’s no surprise, though, that a Reds collector might end up with dupes of some spectacular Reds inserts, however, which made this rad Joey Votto lenticular card available. You best believe that I am building this insert set!

The other two cards enclosed in the envelope were a pair of righteous Astros inserts. The Springer comes from 2014 Stadium Club and is a delicious bit of die cut marvelousness. The McCullers is one of the 2018 Bowman inserts, and I actually really enjoy the wacky design that throws back to early 90’s graphics. Well played, Topps.

Chris, thanks so much for the cards! They made my day.

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