A Highly Subjective Trade

I’m sure most of you out there have already hopped into trades with one of the newest members of our blogging community, Brian of the wonderful Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary. It probably doesn’t hurt that he’s a Twins fan and we can all use another place to dump some Twins cards.

That being the case, I fired off an email to Brian looking to swap Twinkies for ‘Stros, and within days I had a PWE resting in my mailbox. This fella does not rest on his laurels, that’s for sure. There was everything from mid-90s stuff, like these ’95 Stadium clubs, to some new Donruss cards that sparked the trade in the first place.

What’s so special about these two guys? Only that they are still outstanding on my autographs list, and hopefully these cards can help me remedy that. Plus, you’ve gotta love the epic nerd-glasses on Jim Dougherty.

Guys (and gals, there are some of you out there as well), I love you. But please don’t send me this Oswalt relic any more. It’s fantastic, and the wonderful card-collecting community has now sent me three of them. Three is plenty. In fact, if anyone needs one, let me know. I may try to get one signed, but I’ve got one extra. This sweet-swinging Carlos Lee is a welcome addition to the El Caballo stacks.

Finally, we’ll wrap up with the cards that kicked off this trade: a pair from 2015 Donruss. Carter fits my Astros binder, and the Trout is one more entry into my player collection. Regardless of the lack of logos (and that extra-large Donruss logo), I think Panini made some nice strides with this set.
Brian, thanks so much for the cards! Here’s to the first of many more trades.
– Bru

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